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Global Healing - Aloe Vera

Global Healing - Aloe Vera

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These Aloe Vera capsules (formerly known as Aloe Fuzion) are made via a concentrated formula, which contains the freeze-dried inner leaf (gel) of the Aloe Vera. The outside of the leaf is completely removed. Producer Global Healing uses only the finest USDA organic certified aloe vera for this product. This aloe supplement is characterised by its high content of acemannan, an active ingredient. The formula is also 100% aloin free. The product is also completely free of animal, chemical or harmful additives. In short, it is the perfect aloe vera supplement!

Aloe Vera from Global Healing, quality in a jar!

Aloe vera is a popular supplement. Unfortunately, this means that the quality often leaves much to be desired. Experts estimate that about 75 percent of the aloe vera in supplements is contaminated or of poor quality (with a low content of important active substances). This is not the case with these Aloe Vera capsules from Global Healing . Only the best aloe vera is used for the production of this supplement. The aloe vera used for this product contains a high level of active substances.

At no stage of the development of this product was the aloe vera heated. This product therefore contains all the active substances that you also find in fresh aloe vera. Aloe vera contains over 70 different ingredients, including polysaccharides, glycoproteins, enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It is therefore a great source of high-quality nutrients.

High content of acemannan, free of aloins

In particular, Aloe Vera from Global Healing contains mucopolysaccharides, also known in English as glycosaminoglycans (GAGs). The most important mucopolysaccharides are the acemannans. This product is guaranteed to contain at least 15 per cent of this active ingredient from aloe vera. Moreover, this product is free of aloins. As a result, this product is gentle on the intestines and does not cause dependency (also known as lazy bowel).

Ease of use of Aloe Fuzion from Global Healing

Besides the high quality, Aloe Vera capsules from Global Healing are characterised by ease of use on all fronts. The capsules are easy to take anywhere and simple to swallow. This makes it easier to use than aloe vera juice which always requires refrigeration. Also, not everyone likes the taste. This product offers the benefits of aloe vera in an easy vegetarian capsule, free of (after) taste. Whether you are at home or on the go, Aloe Vera is quick and simple. Moreover, one pack is enough for a whole month.


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