Practitioners applying The Medical Medium information

Meet our recommended practitioners who can help you on your healing journey the Medical Medium way.

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Munezza Ahmed

Munezza Ahmed

Muneeza is an Intuitive Medicine Woman®. Since 2007, she has supported over 10,000 people in 85 countries to recover from autoimmune and chronic illness so they can lead thriving, joyful lives. She also trains practitioners in the Muneeza Method®—her proprietary “healing recipe”. She is a faculty member at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies and the author of the Chutneys & Sauces: Classic Family Recipes book, soon to be released on Amazon.

Muneeza had a calling to be a medicine woman and healer starting in early childhood. She herself has suffered and healed from severe asthma, neurological Lyme disease, chronic fatigue, and eczema. She is passionate about empowering people to understand their bodies’ intuition and unique capacities to heal from within.

Muneeza was a client of Anthony William, Medical Medium®, for 7 years. She became the first practitioner to apply MM information in her practice, beginning in 2012. She is also an herbalist, a raw food nutrition coach, a health coach (from IIN and Columbia University) and is certified in multiple emotional healing modalities. She helps her clients using fruits, vegetables, wild foods, herbs, supplements, homeopathy, meditation, prayer, and intuition. When she’s not supporting others, she loves spending time with her husband and three lively daughters, who remind her every day that her true purpose in life is to be the best mom she can be.





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Bernd Bissinger

Bernd Bissinger

As a Health Coach and NLP Master, Bernd Bissinger helps self-responsible people who are willing to change to achieve their health goals step by step.Specifically, he supports his clients in the selection and application of the appropriate protocols for their health goals according to Anthony William, Medical Medium (C).In order to make these lifestyle changes as easy as possible, he helps his clients to program their subconscious for success by means of simple changes in the choice of language.Bernd was a member of the moderator team of the formerly largest German-spoken Medical Medium Support Facebook group of „freihochdrei“ (now „IchWandel“) with about 25,000 members and official freihochdrei health ambassador from 08/2019-10/2021.Since 03/2020 Bernd is also internationally involved in the Admin Team of Muneeza (TM), which in turn is a member of the Healing Ambassadors recommended by Medical Medium.


-IIN Health Coach, 03/201

-Diploma in BA, 10/2006

-NLP Master (Mindset & Motivation), 03/2018

-Admin in Team Muneeza (IHC, Rise-up Practitioner Program), since 03/2020

Services (engl./span./German)

Health Coaching

Business Coaching


Social Media




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Anais Rath

Anais Rath

As a Holistic Health Coach, Anais supports people in creating sustainable, enjoyable, step-by-step shifts in their life - to overcome chronic health conditions for good. Along with many years of applying Medical Medium information, Anais has almost a decade of experience with plant-based and raw foods. Sessions are available in English or German. 
Anais is also a trained Pranic Healer - an energy healing modality that helps you to resolve mental, emotional as well as physical conditions (acute and chronic) and accelerates your health journey. 

Instagram: @rawexpansion
Coaching sessions:

Pranic Healing sessions:

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Casey Scott Medical Medium Practitioner

Casey Scott

Casey Scott is a Medical Medium Practitioner that uses the Medical Medium information and his personal healing experience to help teach others how to heal from light to severe chronic illness and symptoms. Using the Medical Medium information, Casey offers food, supplement and herbal protocols tailored to each individual depending on what he feels is going to best for your healing. Clients can work one on one with him to learn the Medical Medium information and how to best apply it in their life to fully heal! 

Instagram: @cacey.scott (All his healing information is located on his Instagram account. You can also book sessions through the link in his Instagram bio.)

Session scheduling link:

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Daniela Richards Medical Medium Practitioner

Daniela Richards

As a Health Coach, Daniela Richards helps chronically unwell people find their path towards greater wellness through nutrition, lifestyle, mindset and the information of Medical Medium TM.

If you are looking for a life beyond the absence of physical symptoms, a life where you trust & feel home in your own body again and regain the energy to do the things that truly matter to you, then Daniela would love to be on your side to guide you. On this journey with Daniela, you will define the steps that you need to optimise your health and wellness.

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Melanie Pawlik Emotion Code Medical Medium Practitioner

Emotion Code - Melanie Pawlik

The Emotion Code with Melanie is a wonderful method to free yourself from emotional baggage. Melanie is a certified Emotion Code practitioner with a lot of experience who can guide you forward on your path to well-being, lightness and happiness. Emotion Code and Body Code are powerful energy healing modalities that release trapped emotions from past and present to enhance health and well-being.

Melanie is based in Europe and speak both German and English fluently.

For more information, please visit

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Emotion & Body Code intuitive - Evalee Genamyer Medical Medium

Emotion & Body Code intuitive - Evalee Genamyer

Evalee's work as an Emotion & Body Code Intuitive involves connecting with you energetically over the phone or by email and asking your subconscious mind simple ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions. She then uses extensive computerised maps of the body to identify and pinpoint the location of stuck energies. Evalee then releases them, which allows energy to more freely flow in your body. For more information, please visit

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Homopathic Practitioner - Ashley Dimech

Homopathic Practitioner - Ashley Dimech

Classically Trained Homeopathic Practitioner
Specializing in:-
Non-invasive, non-toxic, energy based complementary medicine practiced by millions around the world and now available on line; Homeopathic remedies are made from nature; animals, minerals and plants mainly, but also a splattering of wonderfully esoteric mysterious remedies.Your journey into homeopathy will be supported emotionally, physically and mentally. I look forward to guiding you moving forward.
Ashley Ager Dimech D.Hom, O.N.C, ITEC
Classical Homeopath, Bioresonance Practitioner, Colonic Hydrotherapist

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Jenny Riley

Jenny Riley

Jenny is a Medical Medium and Emotion Code Practitioner based in Europe. 

She is passionate about Medical Medium information having used this incredible modality for her own healing journey. Her wish now, is to share this healing with all who need it.

Jenny offers intuitive testing which is a very effective way of knowing where to focus to turn health around. Health issues are most often caused by a combination of things. Jenny takes the time to dive deep into the root causes of symptoms. Her aim is to show you how to use Medical Medium information in the most efficient way.

Jenny gives private 1 :1 sessions to clients worldwide via zoom. She is fluent in English and French.




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