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Wilderness Poets - Elderberry Powder

Wilderness Poets - Elderberry Powder

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Organic Elderberry Powder is convenient and tastes great. Black Elderberry is a wondrous organic dried fruit ally to keep close in the cupboard! For ages, it has been used to support a healthy immune system in the form of tea or syrup.

To Use:

  • Make instant elderberry juice (dissolve in water)
  • Add to smoothies, juice, popsicles or yogurt
  • Serve hot in herbal tea
  • Create lozenges, gummies or sweet syrup


Our Elderberry Powder

100% pure elderberry fruit

No maltodextrin or fillers

No preservatives


Benefits of Elderberry Powder

  • High in Antioxidants
  • Full of Polyphenols
  • Provides Immune Support*


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