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Silicium Orgono G7 Sport Recovery Cream 200 ml

Silicium Orgono G7 Sport Recovery Cream 200 ml

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Cold gel for muscle recovery

Recovery of joints and muscles after physical effort and training, where muscle work is more direct (strength and aerobic activity), helping to oxygenate the muscles and recover overloads. It provides an immediate sensation of relief and improves circulation.

Benefits of Orgono Sports Recovery Cream

  • It contributes to oxygenation and muscle recovery.
  • It provides an immediate feeling of relief.
  • Provides a cold calming effect

Recommended after workouts where the muscle work is more direct, such as strength and aerobics to increase muscle oxygenation, retrieve overload and avoid overtraining. It stimulates the peripheral microcirculation. Massage in 2 to 4 times per day. Its formula ensures maximum comfort and freshness to fight against muscle overload. Produces a nice hot-cold effect using natural ingredients in its composition.


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