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LOOV Wild Lingonberry Freeze Dry

LOOV Wild Lingonberry Freeze Dry

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Little Tasting Red Super-Berries

Lingonberries (also known as partridgeberries, mountain cranberries or cowberries) are small red berries that taste similar to cranberries but are not quite as tart.

Lingonberries grow in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Baltic States and nearby countries, as well as part of USA and Canada.

Brought to You from Nordic Forests

Nothern growing conditions make our organic wild lingonberries especially rich in antioxidants,  give the berries special, strong flavor and make them rich with nutrients.

Our freeze-dried berry powder can be easily added on top of your yogurt, porridge or desserts – all year round, regardless of where you live.

Packed with Antioxidants

Our handpicked, organic wild lingonberries are gathered from organic forests in Finland and contain high amounts of quercetin and resveratrol, which act like antioxidants.

Did you know that concentration of minerals and vitamins in freeze-dried lingonberries is higher than in fresh berries?


  • contains handpicked wild lingonberries from certified organic forests in Europe,
  • has a taste similar to cranberries, but is not quite as tart,
  • tastes exactly like berries you can buy from your local farmer’s market,
  • is lab-tested, high in antioxidants, polyphenols, and phytonutrients,
  • has no added sugar, no additives, fillers, preservatives, binders or any synthetic ingredients,
  • HOW TO USE: Add 1-2 tbsp daily to smoothies, yogurt, porridge, cereal, etc. Use in baking or other recipes.
  • INGREDIENTS: 100% organic wild lingonberry powder
    P.S. Your package now includes an oxygen absorber to help maintain premium quality and extend shelf life. Even though it’s not harmful, please remove the absorber packet after opening. Do not eat!


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