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LOOV Lingonberry Juice

LOOV Lingonberry Juice

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In our organic wild lingonberry juice, we use only handpicked, wild-crafted lingonberries (cowberries, Vaccinium vitis-idaea) from pristine and fruitful, certified organic forests in Estonia and Finland.

Berries growing in Nordic countries are especially rich in nutrients. Northern conditions are characterized by long days with much light and low temperatures during the growing season.

Due to this, berries produce more polyphenols (antioxidants, which give the wild lingonberry its characteristic colour) to protect themselves from the environmental stressors.

Wild lingonberries are nature’s own antioxidant pills. They are a true natural superfood! The organic wild lingonberry juice is full of natural plant compounds.

Sugar Free, Not Diluted with Water. No Enzymes or Additives Used

100% lingonberry juice is naturally very strong like juice concentrate and you may prefer to dilute it and add some sweetener, like honey. But you can enjoy the benefits of this natural superfood to the fullest by sipping it undiluted.



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