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LOOV Cranberry Juice

LOOV Cranberry Juice

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The organic cranberry juice is cold-pressed directly from fresh organic wild cranberries and lightly pasteurized, to provide the best nutrients for you. We use flash pasteurization method – the juice is heated and not boiled. Compared to other pasteurization processes, it is gentle and the juice maintains its natural colour and flavour. Powerful antioxidants have also been preserved well.

We do not use enzymes during the production process of the juice to enhance extraction. The organic wild cranberry juice is full of natural vitamins and enzymes. There are no additives used, no water or sugar added. Just 100% pure juice, and nothing else!

Handpicked and Wild-Crafted from Certified Organic Forests

100% cranberry juice is naturally very strong like juice concentrate and you may prefer to dilute it and add some sweetener, like honey. But you can enjoy the benefits of this natural superfood to the fullest by sipping it undiluted.

Since cranberries are tart, many cranberry products contain lots of added sugar. Organic wild cranberry juice is a great way to enjoy the benefits of cranberries without the negative effects of added sugar.

Perfect for adding to refreshing cocktails. Delicious with sparkling mineral water, kombucha or some fruit juice – cranberry pairs well with apple, orange, and pear. Gives a delicious sour touch to chia-pudding, smoothies, porridge, popsicles, gummy candies; makes a tasteful sauce for meat dishes.


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