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Black Tourmaline Energy Bracelet

Black Tourmaline Energy Bracelet

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Black Tourmaline is one of the world’s great grounding stones, working to align the chakras and keep you feeling whole and complete. it is excellent jewellery for protection as It has an effective cleanser of negative energy, it soaks up darkness without compromising its own positive vibrations.

Tourmaline is a helpful and healthy bracelet for anyone who is looking to boost their immune system, it can help with anxiety, stress, and a good sleep. This gemstone is great for getting you grounded and cleansing the root chakra so you can feel safe and stable and brimming with confidence. it also brings encouragement and helps you stand strong. 

>Swallows negative energy

>Transforms anxious feelings 

>Blocks EMFs

>Boosts metabolism

>Strong grounding forces

>Cuts through anxious thoughts 

>Connected to the root chakra

>Encourages confidence and truth seeking

>A birthstone for Libra and Scorpio

>Good for Capricorns

> Fends off EMF's

TIPS - Wear it on your left wrist. Your left wrist is your receiving hand which means that you will receive all the protection this gemstone has to offer. 

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