My Healing Story

When confronted by chronic illness, the impact can be incapacitating. In 2014, I reached a nadir in my health, grappling with increasingly unbearable symptoms. Before long, I found myself contending with over 35 worsening symptoms. Medical professionals were at a loss on how to assist me. The simple act of caring for my family seemed like an unattainable dream.

Fortuitously, six years ago, I encountered the Medical Medium book. Its resonance with my situation was profound, leading me to believe it was my path to recovery. Collaborating with a practitioner over several months, I observed a gradual alleviation of my symptoms. This served as confirmation that adopting the Medical Medium's approach, involving clean eating and supplements, was the key to healing my body. From that point forward, there was no turning back.

The conception of Real Life Healing emerged as a vision to assist individuals undergoing the same struggles I once faced in discovering a centralized resource for all Medical Medium information.

Today, Real Life Healing stands as a flourishing family-run business, and we take immense pride and joy in delivering exceptional service to our supportive community. Our commitment to quality is evident in our meticulous selection of supplements, ensuring they rank among the highest quality available – free from fillers, additives, or any unwanted substances. We've cultivated a clientele built on trust, and our aspiration is to expand our family of clients year after year.