Cat's Claw Vimergy

Powerful Cat's Claw

Cat's Claw is one of the most powerful resources for reversing the epidemic of chronic and mystery illness in the 21st century. There are many different strains of viruses such as EBV, HHV-6, shingles, and other herpetic viruses along with bacteria and parasites that are behind many peoples suffering. Cat's Claw is incredible for fighting off these viruses.

Cat's Claw has a wide variety of healing benefits, it can alleviate almost any symptom, from digestive to neurological.

Cat's Claw is a natural antibiotic, although antibiotics has its purpose, pathogens such as bacteria cannot become resistant to Cat's Claw, as they sometimes can to antibiotics. 

If you are suffering with any of the follow conditions bring Cat's Claw into your life - cystic acne, bacterial vaginosis, SIBO, Lyme disease, PANDAS, MS, UTI’s, RA, IBS, EBV, shingles, any of the herpes viruses, sinus pain and congestion, otitis media, vitiligo, sleep disorders, acne, intestinal disorders, sore throats, styes, and more. Cat’s Claw is also a fantastic herb to knock down E.coli, C. difficile and other bacteria.

Vimergy Cat's Claw helps the livers immune system stay strong and stabilize.

It's an anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and anti-tumor which are all usually caused by viruses such as EBV and cats claw help knock them out. If you are suffering from ringing or buzzing in the ears, candida, joint pain, aches and pains, numbness, brain fog, bells palsy, frozen shoulder, pins and needles, tremors, seizures, balance issues, cramping, muscle pain, dizziness bring cats claw in to help you lower your viral load and alleviate these symptoms.


IMPORTANT NOTICE - If you are pregnant or trying to conceive, keep cat’s claw out of your medicinal regimen.

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