Wild Blueberries

Wild Blueberries

Being one of the most powerful food on the planet, wild blueberries offer a large variety of health benefits. A truly important benefit is how efficiently blueberries remove heavy metals from the body: they actually act like magnets. Anthony William, Medical Medium has always promoted his Heavy Metal Detox juice which includes Blueberries as one of the best ways to remove heavy metals that are causing trouble in the body.

When you eat these amazing high antioxidants, they read your body with their innate intelligence and search out for any potential disease, toxicity levels or stress and helps you heal, there is no other food that does this. They also help restore the liver, they are a fantastic prebiotic and a potent brain food, they support the body through bad times and help you get back up again.

Mulberries, wild strawberries, linden berries, gooseberries, and wild black raspberries, are also extremely rich in nutrients and full of amino acids and antioxidants, it is due to there various deeply pigmented skin is where they get there super antioxidants power and amino acids are especially present, this give them incredible healing power, especially effective at removing toxins and heavy metals from the body which viruses love to feed off.

The microorganisms in wild berries are a different breed of elevated biotic to those living on other types of berries, making them more potent, if you cannot get hold of fresh wild blueberries around where you live, don’t stress, the Vimergy Wild Blueberry Powder is an incredible addition to anyone’s diet.


  • Remove toxic heavy metals
  • Removes radiation and DDT
  • They are anti-pathogenic
  • Covered in elevated biotics
  • Immense healing properties
  • Powerful antioxidants
  • Reverses ageing
  • Improves brain fog
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