The importance of cleansing

The importance of cleansing

As we go through life, we take in so many toxins and pathogens that we are exposed to, mostly not even realising that we are being exposed to heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, chemicals from cleaning products, viruses, bacteria’s, GMO, MSG and much more. During time this exposure can cause chronic illnesses, chronic illness that medical research and science have no answers to.

This is where detox comes in. When our bodies carry a heavy toxic load due to many years of exposure, the only way to help it is to detox. It is so important to clean and rejuvenate cells throughout the body so you can have every opportunity to recover and heal.  

With time, patience and the right guidance, detox can help alleviate many symptoms and conditions such as MS, fibromyalgia, headaches, diabetes, Lyme disease, tremors and shakes, gout, eczema and psoriasis, migraines, aches and pains, blood sugar issues, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, brain fog, anxiety, panic attacks and depression and many more. However, this doesn’t happen overnight, or after just a week or a month of drinking celery. The benefits of cleansing are holistic with food, supplements, a proper amount of hydration, time and patience.

Depending on how ill you are would depend on the amount of detoxes you would need.

Everyone living on this planet today has been exposed to poisons and needs to detox, some peoples healing could take just a few months, for others it could take years, persistence is key here.

Let's cleanse to save future generations from suffering.

Find the right cleanse for you below: 

The Medical Medium has a list of many different cleanses to choose from:

28 Day Cleanse - From The Medical Medium book 1

3.6.9 Cleanse – From the Cleanse to Heal book

There are 3 different cleanses for different levels of detox, with all the recipes you need.

3:6:9 Simplified

3:6:9 Original

3:6:9 advances  

Anti Bug Cleanse - From the Cleanse to Heal book

Mono Cleanse - From the Cleanse to Heal book 

3:6:9 Cleanse – From Liver Rescue book. This is slightly different to The Cleanse to Heal original cleanse.


Chronic illness is growing at an alarming rate. Even with the massive amounts of organic food being cultivated now, even with the awareness about removing processed foods from our diets, even the newest healing modalities, sickness is present like never before. No one is escaping illness, not unless they have the right information to stop the ticking clock”

 “This is not a lifestyle book, this a lifetime book.

In a sea of false truths, this is about saving lives”

 -Anthony William the Medical Medium

From book Cleanse to Heal

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