Muneeza Ahmed

Muneeza Ahmed

My name is Muneeza and I’m the Intuitive Medicine Woman. I am also the creator of the Muneeza Method, a powerful method I have developed in 14 years of practice with thousands of clients to help people receive the information they need to heal. I am the author of the Healing Chutneys & Sauces Recipe book, soon to be released on Amazon.

I have the gift of intuition to be able to ‘read’ people and be able to determine the root causes of illness and symptoms experienced. I can also tap into their emotional struggles. This gift, combined with the power of the information from Medical Medium that I use in my practice, I am able to help clients reverse chronic and autoimmune illness.

Over the past 14 years I’ve supported over 9,000 people in more than 75 different countries, to discover and understand their bodies’ intuition and unique needs to heal from within. Using herbs, supplements, healing and wild foods and by helping people recognize the PTSD they carry in their bodies, I help people heal from illness so they can enjoy a thriving, joyful life.

I have had a calling to be a medicine woman and healer since I was a little girl. I am utterly fascinated by the human body’s ability to heal and have been exploring this actively since I was a teenager. I learned about natural healing from my family (my grandfather was a homeopath and grandmother was a botanist) and I have developed my own intuitive healing techniques.

I have had my own health struggles since I was a young child: asthma, allergies, tuberculosis, multiple chemical sensitivities, eczema, acne, neurological Lyme disease, migraines, IBS, bloating and more (all symptoms I have reversed). I struggled with the medical system and no answers for my own health, until a book about inflammation helped me change my diet in 2005 and I was relieved of breathing symptoms I had my whole life. This led me on a journey I am still on today, constantly learning and healing my body at deeper levels than before.

If you have struggled with no answers from doctors for your symptoms and conditions, told that your body is attacking itself, or that your symptoms have no known cause or cure, I would love to hear from you! Check out my website at I help empower you with confidence to heal your body and reverse symptoms of chronic illness.

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