Micro-C Vitamin C 

Many people are not aware how important vitamin C is to support our health. It’s essential to our health all year round and not just when we are ill.

Vitamin C deficiencies are extremely common, lacking enough of this important vitamin can contribute to almost any disease.

Vitamin C helps to boost our immune system and increases our white blood count. Getting a good amount of good quality vitamin C into our diet daily is essential to help our bodies fight against viruses, bacteria, yeast, mold, and other unwanted funguses; it also helps hugely when battling with chronic illness or symptoms. 

 Why is vitamin C so important? 

  •     Cleanses and strengthens the liver
  •     Cleanses the blood and lymphs
  •     Strengthens the adrenal glands
  •     Repairs damaged neurotransmitters
  •     Restores the central nervous system
  •     Help the body to detox effectively
  •     Stops a sluggish liver 
  •     Its anti-inflammatory

Different forms of vitamin C support our health in many different ways, getting good, high quality vitamin C is very important. Some great foods that contain vitamin C are rosehip, kiwi, oranges, tangerines, tomatoes and freshly juiced fennel. You can get more information on all the benefits and more of these healing foods in the Medical Medium Book Life-Changing Foods.

Since all fruit and vegetables have some form of vitamin C, focusing your diet on incorporating a good amount daily will help boost your vitamin C intake. 


Supplementing your vitamin C can be very helpful. The Vimergy Micro-C vitamin C contains important bioflavonoids that support our health with vitamin C and rosehip. 

Rose hip is an activator that transforms the other forms of vitamin C in the supplement and food sources you may consume, it is the most bioidentical, bioavailable form of vitamin C in existence, which means that it’s a form which our bodies recognise the most and can absorb easily. 

Vimergy Micro-C is very gentle on the stomach and would be suitable even for highly sensitive people.  

Quote by the Medical Medium

 “The sun strengthens and enhances the absorption and function of every single nutrient, vitamin C included. Think of the sunshine as a vehicle for getting multivitamin and multimineral support to all your body systems!

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